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At Unison, we believe in a holistic approach to medicine. Our philosophy combines traditional Western medicine with evidence-based alternative care practices, blending the best of both worlds and approaches to deliver the most effective care to our patients. We use natural interventions whenever possible, and consider all factors that are known to influence your health and wellness – including your mind, spirit and body.

In practicing preventative medicine and treating chronic disease, we’ll prescribe alternative approaches in addition to conventional treatments. For example, in addition to traditional medications, we’ll recommend a custom blend of therapies such as acupuncture, herbs, massage, breathing techniques, guided imagery and dietary supplements. With this approach, we’re able to dramatically improve your health from the inside out, restoring balance and optimal wellness to the whole you.

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We take your health as seriously as you do. For the highest level of integrative, holistic and personalized care Los Angeles has to offer, we invite you to contact Unison today – and let us get you on the path to optimal wellness.

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