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Dr. Shahram Jacobs

Dr. Shahram Jacobs is an award-winning Los Angeles physician who is board-certified in integrative care. With a holistic, evidence-based approach to wellness, he believes in treating the whole patient and addressing the body’s underlying issues and imbalances.

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Our Staff

Dr. Jacobs selects his staff with an eye toward their compassion, personal ethics and efficiency. Each team member shares the vision of blending internal and integrative medicine and every member of the Unison staff demonstrates our core values of caring, healing and listening.

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Our Facility

At Unison, we’re exceptionally proud of the soothing, state-of-the-art facility we’ve created. In addition to being warm and welcoming, our private office is also fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment, so we can provide our Los Angeles patients with the extraordinary level of care they deserve.

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Holistic Approach

At Unison, we believe in a holistic approach to medicine. Our philosophy combines traditional Western medicine with evidence-based alternative care practices, blending the best of both worlds and approaches to deliver the most effective care to our patients.

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