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Award-winning Los Angeles Physician

Dr. Shahram Jacobs is an award-winning Los Angeles physician who is board-certified in integrative care. With a holistic, evidence-based approach to wellness, he believes in treating the whole patient and addressing the body’s underlying issues and imbalances – rather than simply masking symptoms.

After graduating cum laude from UCLA and achieving his medical degree from the esteemed Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Dr. Jacobs completed his residency at the GLA-VA Medical Center in Los Angeles. From there, he continued his education in Israel, where he first became aware of the myriad ways spirituality and the mind can impact wellness.


Dr. Jacobs was the honored recipient of the 2008 Congressional Order of Merit by the National Congressional Committee, an award that recognized his commitment, loyalty and dedication to service. An active philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community, Dr. Jacobs is a co-founder of The Friendship Circle, a charity that raises funds for children with special needs, and has volunteered at the Los Angeles Free Clinic and the Ronald McDonald House.

In addition to his impressive credentials and vast experience, Dr. Jacobs is beloved by his patients for his warm and compassionate nature. He gets to know his clients on a personal level, and builds long-term friendships with each of them. These close relationships allow Dr. Jacobs to provide the highest level of care possible, and have resulted in the vast majority of his patients exclusively trusting him to preserve and protect their overall health and wellbeing.

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